Dear Friends,                                                                        October 16, 2020

The previous version of this site was developed in 1999 using software that was current then.  But times in the website-world have changed dramatically!  I knew I was running on borrowed time but it happened suddenly, without warning: I had been able to update the site on Monday, September 28, but between then and the next update on October 5 the old site-building software was completely unuseable; the site couldn't even be edited; it was "fossilized!"

So this brief message and this "landing page" are here simply as place holders until I can rethink how to re-do tugs for Jesus: the techno-wave has washed everything away; how to reconstruct things is not yet clear.

In the meantime, remember that Jesus loves you and is always close to you!  Read some Gospel; say some prayers; serve others -- tug for Jesus!

And check back every once in a while to see how the rebuilding process is going!


Deacon Tug

P.S.: if you haven't already done so, this might be a good time to check out my other site:

Site under RE-Construction!