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  This site is the creation of John H. Tugman.  My last name gives it away - I've always been interested in "tugs."  My father was nicknamed "Tug," and at various times in the lives of my brother, sister and I we have been called "Tug."  Most of my son's friends call him "Tug" all the time.

Tugboats have long been a special fascination, and the whole idea of these small craft pushing around huge cargo ships, ocean liners and naval vessels is a key concept behind this site.

But the real cornerstone of this site is the call of every Christian to spread the word about Jesus.  That has become an ever more compelling force in my life, and recently I've been gifted with the time and inspiration to give web evangelization a try, thus the creation of tugs for Jesus.

My Christian tradition is Roman Catholic.  I am a convert to Catholicism.  I began life in an Episcopalian setting, was totally away from, and uninterested in, anything religious for many years, returning to church as a "family activity" to accompany my wife and our children.  I sat in the pew just watching for many years, thinking, even hoping, that nothing was happening to me.  Until one day it became clear that it was time for me to "join up": those invisible little tugs had changed my direction.  And the tugs didn't stop with just "joining up;" in June of 1991 I was ordained a Permanent Deacon.  And now I'm trying to help increase Jesus' presence on the web!

Tugs are like that (see "about tugs") - small, sometimes invisible, persistent.  Become one yourself: recognize the tugs of Jesus on you, then do some tugging for him.  It truly is a tug-'o-war in the world around us.  Don't stand on the sidelines watching; get in the fray and tug for Jesus!

If you like what you find here, 1) come back often, 2) say a prayer for me and everyone who visits here, 3) and tell your friends and acquaintances - don't keep it a secret.  

John Tugman.  Advent 1999.



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